Vemedy is a young entertainer entrepreneur living in the captivating city of London. He is a dynamic singer song-writer representing a wave of exceptional and enterprising new talent emerging from the United Kingdom.

Vemedy produces an exquisite style of music which sexually and soulfully graces itself within a blissful melody and groove. From a young age, music has been flowing through his blood and Vemedy's distinctive work flow is based on beats and rhythm, encapsulating the energy of hip-hop and rare groove, counter balanced by ambience and sensual soul.

For those who listen to Vemedy's music for the first time, shall be immediately welcomed by its magical sound, and it’s with this magical sound that Vemedy is creating his place in the music industry. Sensational, charming and talented, Vemedy is a young English gentleman making headlines as he progresses successfully through his career.

Founding his own imprint and entertainment platform, 'YOUWANTIN' this commercially minded individual has a great head for business as he launches not only himself but also his persona on to the global stage.

Come join us on an epic musical journey and step in to the magical World which is Vemedy.