Na$e is a young singer/songwriter from the beautiful island of Bermuda. Music has always played a major part of his life since growing up. His father was the head of music at their local church, which sparked his love for music and performing.

Na$e began working on his craft and skills everyday. From writing, to singing and performing all over Bermuda. By the time Na$e finished secondary school, he moved to London, where he is currently pursuing a music career. 

Since Na$e has been out in the UK, he has worked with different artist and industry contacts. He was part of an R&B vocal group and has now recently joined a new collective called CodeNinety.

When you listen to Na$e's voice you can hear a very unique and distinct sound. Like many greats before him he has a smooth R&B/Soulful tone to his voice, which reminds you of the 90’s R&B vibe. He is easily compared to a modern day Luther Vandross, mixed with Tank and John Legend.